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Don’t forget The Session #43 today

The Session Beer Babe is hosting The Session #43 today: “Welcoming The New Kids.”

I’m posting this and hitting the road, but I look forward to reading everybody’s essays thoughts (reworded in deference to JayZeis) when we return.

A lot of driving between now and Monday evening, perhaps a photo or two to Posterous (because it’s easy), and a tweet or three.

Have a good weekend, and remember why Monday is called Labor Day. Definitely one for us beer drinkin’ folks.

One Response to Don’t forget The Session #43 today

  1. JayZeis September 3, 2010 at 8:43 am #

    “Essay”- that makes it sound like school work. So much pressure now. Do I have to use 3 citations, and list the sources? Is there a word limit. Do I have to have it in before the end of class?

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