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Describe the flavor, please

Stephen Beaumont takes the Globe and Mail for its lack of, well, tasting notes in its “tasting notes.” He’s put off by the lack of meaningful descriptors.

That Beer Tastes Like What?, he asks at World of Beer. Cutting to the chase: “It would be helpful if on occasion the words printed had at least a little meaning.”

There are two parts to this. Back in May, a reader made an excellent comment about how developed (or underdeveloped) our beer vocabulary is. That’s true among those of us who are trying. Instead of simply noting a beer’s aroma is fruity it would be better if I said melon, strawberry or banana.

The second part, of course, is a matter of making the effort. Back to you, Mr. Beaumont:

Sadly, this kind of reporting is typical of when non-beverage writers decide to turn their hands to beer and demonstrative of the lack of respect the art of brewing tends to receive in the mainstream press. … By way of comparison, flip the page and in his “Wines and Spirits” column, Beppi Crosariol describes the Babich Black Label Sauvignon Blanc as “lighter in body but still powerful and exuberant — and containing big notes of gooseberry, tropical fruit and herbs — ending with crisp acidity on the long finish.”

One writer here is doing his job. And the other?

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