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Craft defined, v437865.3

Tom Cizauskas does a fair amount of rehashing in ongoing discussion of “what’s craft beer?” that I’m promising myself I won’t get involved in today, but at the very end manages to put into words one of those hard to verbalize youknowitwhenyouseeit things.

It’s the joy of the beer itself (and the joy of brewing the beer) and the sense of connecting with their community that separate small (or ‘craft’ or micro or local) breweries from their much bigger brethren.

My only addition/quibble is that not all small or local breweries qualify.


One Response to Craft defined, v437865.3

  1. Spencer September 14, 2009 at 10:20 am #

    Well… Not all small or local breweries are producing craft(ed) beer, in my opinion. Some are producing cr*p beer instead. Or (maybe worse?) boring beer.

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