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Where in the beer world?

Do you know where this picture was taken? I’ll give you a hint: It’s not a bar. (Even if you don’t know, please read on.)

Where in the beer world is this?

Since we’re traveling a bit for the next 15 months and I often have a camera in hand I thought I’d post a few photos (more are at Flickr, but I’m running way behind in posting them because so many campground connections don’t play well with Flickr).

If you know where the photo was taken or if you have something to say about the subject please leave a comment.

This isn’t really a contest. The idea is to have a little fun.

So first doesn’t count and there are no prizes. No prizes for now, at least. But I will try to post a new photo every week and keep track of everybody who comments. Eventually — it will be next year — there will be a drawing and we can give away a prize or three.

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