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Monday beer links: festivals, witchcraft & independence


Farmhouse ale festival 2016.
[Via Larsblog]
An Ounce at a Time — Are Festivals Fatigued?
[Via Good Beer Hunting]
Compare and contrast.

The best kind of beer festival, I’ve found, is where the drinking public is at least as interesting as the commercial brewers and the speakers. And this was definitely that kind of festival. For one thing, farmhouse brewers are not like modern home brewers. They are country people, not hipsters or IT professionals. And the beer enthusiasts who travelled to the festival were not your average beer drinkers, either.

Witchcraft, Alewives, and Economics.

While we may never truly know if alewives were accused of witchcraft simply because they were alewives, it is clear that women who brewed were perhaps particularly vulnerable to the witch-hunts.

[Via braciatrix]

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Monday beer links: Context for authentic, Anchor, and what’s lost


First, thanks to Alan McLeod for getting into the Monday linking business while I was out of it.

How capitalism cornered the market on authenticity.
Christine Sismondo — who wrote the terrific book America Walks into a Bar — tosses some history at a few words in vogue these days, like traditional and authentic.

The call to return to ‘traditional values,’ which includes taking aim at women in the workforce and denying people access to abortion and assaults on same-sex marriage and transgender rights, among other things, is part of the same anti-modern impulse, albeit a fairly extreme expression. Then there’s the current religious revivalism; a nearly obsessive love of medieval fantasy books, films, television and games; an obsession with all things ‘craft’ and the never-ending quest to find the most authentic of everything, from travel destination to taco.

[Via The Washington Post]

What the Anchor Brewing deal means for craft beer.
[Via San Francisco Chronicle]
Anchors up and away.
[Via The Beer Hunter]
The first story I read about Japanese brewing company Sapporo buying Anchor Brewing is still the best I have found. I am waiting for one that polls regular Anchor drinkers or a new interview with Fritz Maytag. Instead, crazily enough, the best historic context (concise and linkable) resides within something Michael Jackson wrote almost 30 years ago.
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Rhino poop

White rhino midden at Rietvlei Nature Reserve

In the week between talking about the intricacies of brewing at Beer Boot Camp, first in Johannesburg and then in Cape Town, our traveling band of presenters had time for some sightseeing. Urban Soweto one day and definitely not urban Rietvlei Nature Reserve were equally stunning.

This isn’t the place for photos of shacks with TV dishes attached or white rhinoceroses. However, I thought about this picture of a rhino midden while I was catching up with what I had stashed in Pocket during the long trip home. From a distance I see a lot of marking of territory in beer. Beer brewing, beer drinking, beer writing, beer services.

Delightfully enough, it turns out that white rhinos are not simply marking territory. They “Use Poop Piles Like a Social Network.” I will leave it to you to make the beer analogy analogies. I’m packing for the next trip.

beer wrestling. beer wrestling. beer wrestling. please.


George Carlin, beer judge
George Carlin, beer rater (see below)

Administrative note: There will be no more weekly links here until August. Not a complaint about upcoming travel, but there simply won’t be time to collect and organize them, and my body likely will have no idea what time zone it is in by the time I link again. As an aside, I hope that when posting does resume I can link to a story about “beer wrestling.”

Finally, a Low-ABV-Themed Beer Bar With Bidets in Every Gender-Neutral Bathroom.
Headline of the year. [Via Willamette Week, h/T @Beervana]

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Beer stuff I’m making time to read


Because a good time was had by all last week at Homebrew Con, the annual gathering of members of the American Homebrewers Assocition, in Minneapolis I am a bit short time heading into the week. So are some of the things I’ve been reading or plan to read when I get caught up. I leave the musing to you.

Historic–or Just Old? This is important enough that I will add a comment that, if you haven’t been paying attention, Jeff Alworth nicely summarizes why it is important.

Craft beer’s big impact on small towns and forgotten neighborhoods.

“Bourdain HATES craft beer!”

The Future of Blogging in a Social Media World.

Why Aren’t Other Big Beer Corps Vilified Like AB-InBev?

Hieronymus, Commentary on Isaiah 7.19-5-11.


Making wine Instagram-mable again.

Canned Wine Is the Drink of Summer 2017. Passed along because last week I heard about a brewery ready to sell its very expensive bottling line because when consumers have a choice they pick cans. They’re cool.

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