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‘Beers of the World’ in Halifax

How’s this for perspective?

One of the provincial-run liquor stores in downtown Halifax has a nifty little display of “Beers of the World.”

One of the beers is Old Milwaukee.

Well, it is imported. Made me ask myself a different question: Where is Old Milwaukee the local beer?

One Response to ‘Beers of the World’ in Halifax

  1. Alan August 8, 2008 at 8:31 am #

    Especially when that one is made in Guelph, Ontario, so only imported from “Upper Canada”.

    Old Milwaukee has a more famous political history in Canada when the Premier of Newfoundland voiced his rejection of Free Trade with the US by saying something to the effect of “Free Trade? Free Trade??? You know what free trade will me, dontcha? Nothing but Old Milwaulkee from here on out.”

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