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Beer stuff I’m making time to read


Because a good time was had by all last week at Homebrew Con, the annual gathering of members of the American Homebrewers Assocition, in Minneapolis I am a bit short time heading into the week. So are some of the things I’ve been reading or plan to read when I get caught up. I leave the musing to you.

Historic–or Just Old? This is important enough that I will add a comment that, if you haven’t been paying attention, Jeff Alworth nicely summarizes why it is important.

Craft beer’s big impact on small towns and forgotten neighborhoods.

“Bourdain HATES craft beer!”

The Future of Blogging in a Social Media World.

Why Aren’t Other Big Beer Corps Vilified Like AB-InBev?

Hieronymus, Commentary on Isaiah 7.19-5-11.


Making wine Instagram-mable again.

Canned Wine Is the Drink of Summer 2017. Passed along because last week I heard about a brewery ready to sell its very expensive bottling line because when consumers have a choice they pick cans. They’re cool.

One Response to Beer stuff I’m making time to read

  1. Tom June 19, 2017 at 7:40 am #

    Thanks for the link! I’m also looking at the design of brewery and distillery tasting room in future posts.

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