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Beer drinkers don’t spit

Wine tastersAnd so it has been written many times: Beer drinkers don’t spit.

As opposed to wine tasters.

Michael Steinberger of Slate provides a primer on “How to spit with the wine pros” that should make you happy to be a beer drinker.

There’s more to it than you might think, and maybe want to know, but this is a story that should make you smile.

I am working on it, every chance I get. Even spitting out mouthwash has become an opportunity to practice. If all this strikes you as a bit asinine and pathetic, you may have a point. After all, stylish spitting does not improve your ability to appraise wine; it only keeps your clothes clean and the floor dry. But the wine world is a clubby, often catty one, with its own rites of passage. If you want to be seen as legit by the Crips, it helps to have a drive-by shooting to your credit. If you want be seen as legit by wine geeks, you need to be able to shoot a mouthful of Chardonnay in a clean, straight line.

Good reason to stick to beer.

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