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Beer, bourbon and barrels

The Lexington Herald-Leader profiles the efforts of Tom Griffin to convince microbrewers that they can make great beer with used bourbon barrels from Kentucky.

“We’re selling bourbon country,” he said.

The entire story is worth your time, but make sure to take time to think about Griffin’s idea presented in the last paragraph:

“This is getting to be another indigenous flavor,” he said. “Here we have something from America, developed in America, done nowhere else in the world and it gets its start in old Kentucky.”

It may get its finish in California or Michigan, perhaps a cult beer like Cuvee de Tomme from Port Brewing or as a different beer that’s still the kernel of an idea in a craft brewer’s brain.

Fun to think about.

One Response to Beer, bourbon and barrels

  1. Brad James April 9, 2006 at 3:57 pm #

    I’ve had two examples of bourbon-barrel stouts, and the idea is a great one. The stout seems to benefit from the flavors left over in the barrel. I haven’t had any other style of beer yet lagered that way, but then, stout seems to lend itself well to the process.

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