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Brew Like a Monk reviews

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From All About Beer Magazine:

“Brew Like a Monk is as comprehensive guide on the world of Beglian brewing as there is. Aimed at brewers, both amateur and professional, it is also a wealth of informtion for non-brewers. Hieronymus’ skill as a writer and passion for beer merge in this book, and his effort is as rich as the beers and brewing culture of which he writes. It is surely a mystical, literary trip through Belgium and its brewing art.”

From Ale Street News:

“In the end, this book is an excellent philsophical and technical primer for brewing beers in the monastic style. If you are interested in brewing Trpapist or Abbey styles, and want to learn about how they are made, this is the book for you.”

From the Michigan Beer Guide:

“In Brew Like a Monk, Stan Hieronymus performs an excellent job of investigative reporting on the brewing history and traditions of monastic brewing.”

From MBR Bookwatch:

“Any interested in beer brewing probably has had a hand in home brew and familiarity with some favorite styles such as pilsner or stouts, but BREW LIKE A MONK: TRAPPIST, ABBEY AND STRONG BELGIAN ALES AND HOW TO BREW THEM offers something different, exploring the unique flavors and brews of monastic brewing through visits to modern producers in both America and Belgium. BREW LIKE A MONK isn’t just a recipe collection, though of course some brew recipes are included: it’s a survey of the history, traditions and flavors of Trappist monk brewing in the Belgian tradition and contrasts the products of independent breweries with American and European brewing traditions.”

To get a broader cross section of opinions (in other words, not everybody loves the book and you can read why) visit the reviews at Amazon.

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